Introduce the Fundamentals of Science with the Soybean Science Kit

It’s unlike any curriculum you’ve ever used. The Soybean Science Kit is an engaging, interesting hands-on approach that teaches 4th to 9th graders the physical properties of polymers and oil, while instilling an appreciation for the use of biological, renewable resources in industrial manufacturing. Biotechnology is also covered, as students learn about the structure of DNA and gain a better understanding of this building block for all forms of life.

Developed by Purdue University researchers and public school teachers, the Soybean Science Kit has been helping teachers meet Science Proficiencies–particularly the fourth and fifth-grade interdisciplinary curriculum–for almost ten years.

What do our current teachers have to say about the Soybean Science Kit?

“The children absolutely THRIVED on the activities we were able to do with the soybean science kit. Everything we needed to do the tasks was included and easily accessible. Thank you very much!”
“I appreciate being able to involve the students in hands-on real chemistry. These units of study have made the states of matter and chemical change real to my students. The glue tests are an excellent experience in thinking like a scientist, The students named Soybean Science as their favorite learning activity this year!”
“The lesson plans are well written, organized, and easy to follow. Most of all though, I enjoyed teaching them as much as the students enjoyed doing them.”

You can find the Soybean Science Kits in over 5,000 classrooms spanning 29 states. The kit is a serious educational tool that contains a well-organized lesson manual and everything necessary for 30 students to participate in 21 interactive experiments and labs (with the exception of a very few common household materials). Plus, to assure that you can use your kit year after year, a refill order program is available. You may purchase materials by using mail order form or from this website.


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